ArtBounce: The Story of Game Design

ArtBounce: The Story of Game Design by Jonathon Homack

It wasn’t always easy collaborating, making decisions and developing Artbounce. Sometimes things wouldn’t get finished or done at all and with limited time and some bumpy moments, deadlines came and went and had to get pushed back. But a final product did make it’s way to the producer. And although making Artbounce had moments of extreme frustration, all the students got a taste for the realities of the real world of New Media and Design. It’s not always a smooth process, some people end up doing more work than others and things don’t always go according to plan. The people you work with do make a difference in the end result. Most importantly, half of the process of designing Artbounce, was learning how to handle the moment when things fall apart and things change. That’s the beauty of class projects and the Isaacson School, you learn.