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If you often find yourself wondering what if, then you’re in good company here. The Isaacson School for New Media is a creative, collaborative community of motivated students. We celebrate individualism, value each other’s talents, and work together to inspire and create exceptional storytelling.

Student Bios

Aaron Brassard

Digital Media Production

Aaron Brassard is a graduate of the Isaacson School for New Media who came to school looking for opportunity. While here he explored video production, graphics, and all types of new media. He was invited to work at the Winter X-Games in Aspen as a student and from there has built a career in digital sports production. Most recently Aaron worked at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and he has some great advice for people entering the field of new media:

“Working the Olympics is a dream come true, honestly I never thought of it being a possibility. Working in the same room as directors, producers, switchers, playback operators, camera operators, production assistants, all I see is more opportunities ahead.

“Overall, couldn’t have asked for a better gig, best experience of my life thus far by a long shot, will remember this moment forever. And it all came from attending CMC and the Isaacson School, thank you.

“All I can say for other students is to find your path and hit it hard and don’t be afraid if it takes you into an entirely different direction, just have fun”

Rachel Mayoral


Rachel is a recent graduate of the professional photography program at the Isaacson School for New Media. She found her love for film while working on the documentary set of the “The Other Side of the Photo.” Her new direction was fueled by a love of storytelling and the collaboration that comes with filmmaking.

“There is something special that happens when working with a team and the process of watching a story develop that has a piece of the whole team in it,” says Rachel. “I learn from every project I am a part of and I am always looking for new experiences that will push me.”

While at Colorado Mountain College, she jumped in and worked in as many different aspects of the industry as she could. Among other things, Rachel spent a summer in Maine working for Maine Media Workshops, interned as a production assistant during the X Games, and volunteered with Aspen Film; which lead her to be one of their pre-screeners for Short Fest.

“I think if you come here and you are willing to work hard the professors pick up on that,” Rachel says. “They go out of their way to make sure they are giving you every possible opportunity to be successful and that is not always easy to find.”

View some of Mayoral’s work: Big Air Max and Roaring Fork Valley- Cultivating Community.

Rachel Williams



Rachel Williams is a 2015 graduate of the Professional Photography program and also completed a certificate in Graphic Design from the Isaacson School. She is a conceptual artist whose work explores surrealism and dreams. In the 2015 College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) competition, she dominated the Illustration category and received a Gold, Bronze and Honorable Mention. In the 2014 CPOY she received an Award of Excellence in the Illustration category. An article on CMC E-news highlighted her recent accolades and can be found here. She is currently working on her BAS in Leadership and Management at Colorado Mountain College.


All of my work is very conceptual, personal, and unique to my thoughts and opinions as an individual. The most important thing I learned in school was to stop making pictures “of” things and start making pictures “about” things. I apply this concept to all of my art – graphic design, composites, and photos alike. I am a firm believer that when art makes a statement about something and sends a message it is much more impactful than art that lacks such drive. I make art that starts conversations and challenges my viewers to think.

Her portfolio appears online at

Rachel William’s Portfolio Review by Thang Khan Sian Khai on Vimeo.

Caito Foster



Caito Foster is a documentary photographer with a focus on telling stories. A 2015 graduate of the Professional Photography program, she has a passion for online and print publishing and is the founder of Instigate, a zine focusing on art and culture.


In adolescence I discovered passions for documenting events unfolding around me and talking with strangers to feed my inspiration to write and create visual art, my true loves. Soon after, someone put a camera in my hands and something truly clicked.

Now, my understanding has evolved, pushing me to seek out more in depth stories in unfamiliar places and often to create my own. I capture the raw emotions and moments of human beings because I believe our experiences are the building blocks of who we are.

I use photography as a means to solidify that my own experiences and the ones I share with others are truthful. I love journalistic portraiture that makes the viewer feel as if they are in the crowd with me. I crave the intersection of documentary journalism and art.

Her portfolio appears online at

Caito Foster’s Portfolio Review by Thang Khan Sian Khai on Vimeo.

Ian Edquist



Ian Edquist is a fine art photographer based in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. He completed the Professional Photography program in the spring of 2015 and immediately began working at Anderson Ranch Arts Center as the photojournalism intern. His fine art photographic prints hang in several private collections.


The need to create is in us all. To survive off artifice is the role our form serves to function. We create, build, and craft forms etched from our observations of the universe in hopes that they’ll transcend our lifetimes and carry on into the next for the betterment and continuation of our people.

One such creation is the language of light. Our stylus, the camera. A device by our design to capture the stories and tales, fables and myths, poetry and prose of our time and breathe life into the human experience for those of us here now, and for those to come.

This artifice is what I turn my eye to. To veil the functions of reality through the illusions of the minutiae. To understand the whole, one must first look at its parts. When the function is unknown, what remains is the form, which in turn often reflects the most harmonic and elegant graces of the natural and artificial worlds.

His online portfolio appears at:


Ian Edquist’s Portfolio by Thang Khan Sian Khai on Vimeo.

Kaitlyn Adams



Kaitlyn Adams is a portrait photographer specializing in feminine beauty. A 2015 graduate of the Professional Photography program, Kaitlyn works in the studio with a warm color palette using continuous lighting to create intimate portraits of women.


Photography is a way for me to express myself. People are beautiful in their own way and through my photographs I want them to see themselves the same way which I do. I shoot high fashion, portraits and photojournalistic style portraits. I travel to see the world that others see daily.

Her online portfolio appears at

KAITLYN ADAMS by Thang Khan Sian Khai on Vimeo.

Thang Khan Sian Khai

Digital Media Production

To pursue the career he wanted — not chosen for him — Thang Khan Sian Khai had to leave his home in Myanmar. He set his sites on the U.S. after learning about Colorado Mountain College’s Isaacson School for New Media at a college fair.

The transition from urban life in Yangon to Colorado was difficult at first, facing a new language, culture, food and climate. But soon enough, Sian Khai bonded with students and life at CMC.

Sian Khai has a passion for documentaries. Each semester he chooses a fellow student to show his or her work and tell his or her story.

Nicole Patterson

Graphic Design


What CMC campus? Spring Valley

What Year? 2014

After graduation, what did you do related to your degree?

I am currently doing freelance work (creating logos, ads, product branding) for a number of clients. I plan on continuing my education at CMC in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree while continuing freelance work.


Certificate in Web Application, Certificate in Graphic Design Technology, member of Phi Theta Kappa

How was your time at Colorado Mountain College helpful…

…in your career?

CMC helped me to find a career. Before, I just had a job. Now I am working in a field I love, that I find stimulating and interesting, and that affords me a freedom in my work that I’ve never had before.

 …in your life?

CMC exposed me to experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The people I met and the things that I learned have helped me to grow and achieve goals that I couldn’t have before CMC.

Who at CMC was especially influential and why?

My classmates had a significant impact on me. Their creativity was contagious and inspired me and helped me to be more imaginative when working on my own projects.

If you were talking to someone who was considering CMC for their college education, what would you tell them?

I would (and have) tell them to do it! Go back to school, go to CMC! The things they will learn and the people they will meet will have an impact on the rest of their lives. The only thing they will regret when they look back on their time at CMC will be not having done it sooner.

Jennifer Guiterrez-Balmes

Jennifer answered the design call early on when she placed nationally in the SkillsUSA competition for web/graphic design. After exploring exclusive private programs, she opted for the significant value offered by CMC’s Isaacson School for New Media.

At CMC, she served as the staff designer for Residence Life, and created a wide variety of promotional materials for campus events. Jennifer heightened her skillset with web design, digital photography, motion graphics, videography and editing, and animation.

Today, she’s a staff designer with the Roaring Fork Transit Authority (RFTA) and a member of the design team that created the award-winning visual branding for the VelociRFTA express service that recently debuted in the Roaring Fork Valley. Jennifer also designs ski graphics for a company in Denver.

Daniel Velasco

Daniel grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he played on the high school soccer team and dreamed of becoming an engineer. He started his journey at Colorado Mountain College to earn the A.S. transfer degree before finishing a B.S. in engineering at the University of Colorado. But when taking the Isaacson School’s Intro to Computer Graphics course as an elective, Daniel discovered an interest in new media technology that complemented his interests in engineering. He decided to complete degrees in New Media and Graphic Design before pursuing the engineering B.S.


An accomplished mathematician and computer programmer, Daniel completed a prestigious computer programming internship with the National Weather Service this past summer. His ultimate goal is to apply what he learns at the Isaacson School with advanced degrees in computer engineering to work in the emerging fields of data visualization and visual app development.