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The Tools to Translate Your Story

Ready to take your story from concept to reality? We have the tools you’ll need. At the Isaacson School for New Media, you’ll have access to the digital equipment required to be a leader in your field. Our labs feature the newest technology, software, and gear necessary to bring your story to life. Publish your work online or show it in one of our digital galleries.


We provide a variety of cutting-edge equipment to ensure you're able to accomplish objectives and fully grasp the digital landscape.
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A wide range of current equipment is available to Isaacson School students.

A mouth-watering range of equipment is available to Isaacson School students, including a large collection of gear that can be checked out for use away from campus. Highlights include:

• 4K cinema camera
• HD DSLR shoulder rigs
• Digital Large Format cameras
• HD Videocameras
• Image stabilization rigs
• Motion controlled sliders
• Motorized jib boom
• LED panel lights
• Strobe systems
• Field audio recorders
• GoPro® cameras and accessories
• Quadcopter with video capture


Our labs are designed to maximize student interaction and involvement, facilitating a hands-on learning approach.
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Our cutting-edge classrooms are fully stocked with high performance workstations, each with Adobe Creative Cloud and the entire Adobe Type Collection installed. Students can access workstations at each of the four Isaacson School campus locations. Large format color printers, a 3D printer, and a vinyl cutter expand the ways that concepts can be realized. Individual multimedia production pods can be checked out for sound-isolated project work.

A large configurable photo studio, and a multimedia production studio with sound booth, control room, and DMX-controlled lighting system enable students to experience real-world work environments.


At the Isaacson School for New Media, your story doesn't stop at submission. Our student galleries showcase featured student work throughout the year.
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The Isaacson School features student work in galleries at our Spring Valley and Aspen campuses. Analog and digital works rotate often at the Spring Valley campus, giving students the chance to see their work in a gallery setting throughout the year. Students are part of a learning community and can often be seen discussing the merits of each other’s work while on display.

The Aspen and Spring Valley campuses features student work displayed on LCD panels and iPads. This work rotates often, and gives students a place to experiment with an electronic gallery.

Virtual Places

Access online resources from anywhere, at your convenience. Virtual Places allow you to remotely connect with the Isaacson School for New Media's online tools.
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We provide a variety of cutting-edge equipment to ensure you’re able to accomplish objectives and fully grasp the digital landscape.

Beyond the scenery, the Professional Photography Center at Spring Valley is one of the most comprehensive of any school in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Our state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment includes:

• Photo of CMC professional photography discussing a portrait setup in the Calaway Building on the Spring Valley Campus.Cameras
• Large format Epson printers
• Macintosh and PC computer labs
• Medium format digital back
• Local high-quality print sources

Let your indoor creativity flourish in our 1,200-square-foot studio. Photograph a wide variety of sets, from intricate objects and portraits to large designs. State-of-the-art studio equipment is available, including large light banks donated by The Chimera Company and portable lighting systems for location shoots.