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Stunning images stop us in our tracks. They are often where the story starts. They make us think and beg us to wonder. Your desire to take meaningful pictures and create dynamic videos led you here. We’ll take you the rest of the way with a comprehensive stills and motion curriculum that spans multiple genres.

The Professional Photography Degree offers quality instruction, digital photography labs, a professional studio, and Rocky Mountain inspiration.

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  • ENG 121-English Composition I (GT-CO1)
  • MAT 107-Career Math
  • COM 115-Public Speaking
  • COM 125-Interpersonal Communication
  • BUS 115-Introduction to Business
  • BUS 217-Business Communication & Report Writing
  • MAN 216-Small Business Management
  • PHO 106-Computer Literacy for Professional Photographers
  • PHO 121-Photo Image Capture I
  • PHO 122-Photo Image Capture II
  • PHO 143-Perception & Photography I
  • PHO 144-Perception & Photography II
  • PHO 161-Digital Capture Processing I
  • PHO 162-Digital Capture Processing II
  • PHO 210-Photographic Color Theory
  • PHO 232-Professional Portraiture
  • PHO 234-View Camera & Lighting Techniques
  • PHO 237-Advanced Lighting Technique
  • PHO 252-Contemporary Photographic Practices Genre and Style
  • PHO 262-New Media Storytelling
  • PHO 267-Color Management for Digital Photography
  • PHO 268-Portfolio & Career Exploration

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