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Graphic design is often the go-to problem solver in new media. It captures attention, clearly communicates difficult concepts, and adds the flare that sets the great ideas apart from the good ones. Not to mention that graphic design is everywhere we look, which makes graphic designers highly marketable.

The Isaacson School for New Media not only provides you with the instruction, software, and lab time to produce great design, but also opportunities to showcase your work. The two-year degree blends fine art, computer design, and digital press courses that position you to take flight as a graphic designer.

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  • BUS 115-Introduction to Business
  • COM 115-Public Speaking
  • ENG 121-English Composition I (GT-CO1)
  • JOU 105-Introduction to Mass Media (GT-SS3)
  • MAT 107-Career Math
  • MAT 120-Mathematics for the Liberal Arts (GT-MA1)
  • MAT 121-College Algebra (GT-MA1)
  • PHO 120-Fundamentals of Photography
  • MGD 101-Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • MGD 102-Introduction to Multimedia
  • MGD 104-Videography I
  • MGD 105-Typography & Layout
  • MGD 107-History of Design
  • MGD 109-Design & Color
  • MGD 133-Graphic Design I
  • MGD 134-Drawing for Illustrators
  • MGD 141-Web Design I
  • MGD 204-Videography II
  • MGD 227-Marcomm Practices
  • MGD 233-Graphic Design II
  • MGD 250-Emerging Multimedia Technologies
  • MGD 251-Multimedia Motion & Sound
  • MGD 289-Capstone

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