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Bring audio, visual, and storyline together in perfect harmony. We love to dig into this kind of storytelling at the Isaacson School for New Media. If you’re a behind-the-scenes kind of person, this is the specialty you’ll want to explore.

Students learn how to create dynamic content through digital media production with a two-year degree, short certificate, or single course in Digital Media Production from Colorado Mountain College. The Digital Media Production path builds on the foundation of CMC’s Associate of Applied Science in New Media degree.

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  • BUS 115-Introduction to Business
  • COM 115-Public Speaking
  • COM 125-Interpersonal Communication
  • ENG 121-English Composition I (GT-CO1)
  • JOU 105-Introduction to Mass Media (GT-SS3)
  • MAT 107-Career Math
  • MAT 120-Mathematics for the Liberal Arts (GT-MA1)
  • MAT 121-College Algebra (GT-MA1)
  • JOU 106-Fundamentals of Reporting
  • PHO 120-Fundamentals of Photography
  • MGD 101-Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • MGD 102-Introduction to Multimedia
  • MGD 104-Videography I
  • MGD 141-Web Design I
  • MGD 156-Emergent Media Practices
  • MGD 204-Videography II
  • MGD 227-Marcomm Practices
  • MGD 280-Internship
  • MGD 289-Capstone
  • MGD 251-Multimedia Motion & Sound
  • MGD 254-Multimedia Design & Production I
  • MGD 163-Sound Design I
  • MGD 263-Sound Design II

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