New Media student hired to shoot video at XGames Tiësto concert

As a student, Adam Hughes was hired by PixMob to promote their LED bracelets.

“My professor at Colorado Mountain College was doing video of the concerts in Aspen during the XGames and met the rep from PixMob, who was looking for a videographer.

“Before the show, every person in the crowd was given a bracelet at the gate. During the first half of the Tiësto concert, the bracelets were turned off, but after a while the bracelets were illuminated via wi-fi, controlled by a light board located at the sound booth. Once lit, a sea of colored lights could be seen within the crowd. A light designer was able to change colors and flash the lights to the beat of the songs. Sometimes the stage lights would go completely dark, and all you could see was thousands of floating lights dancing in the crowd.

“I was hired by this company to take video of the concert, but mostly the crowd wearing the bracelets, to promote their product. The crowd was very energetic and I got a lot of really great footage.”

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