New Media instructor directs world-class productions

This video was produced by 5-time Emmy award winning engineer Andy Mills, of High End TV in Nashville, Tennessee. Adam was the “EIC” (Engineer in Charge) for the tour and worked side by side with Corby in “the truck.”
CMC New Media Adjunct Instructor Corby Anderson teaches video, audio and radio production, as well as multimedia for the Issacson School.  When he’s not helping students dream up and produce interesting stories, he works here in the Roaring Fork Valley and on the road as a freelance production professional in all three of those realms, including the X Games, World Cup Skiing, Sirius Satellite Radio, CrossFit Games, and many other productions.

This summer, Corby worked as the Technical Director of the CrossFit Games Regional events in Jacksonville, Fla., Cincinatti, Ohio, Fairfax, VA, and Boston, Mass.
A Technical Director, or TD, is responsible for everything that shows up on screen on a production – including all cameras, video playback, and graphics. He is ultimately responsible for everything technical that goes into a production, serving as a point person for the director and producer to look to in keeping the production on track.

It is intense, difficult work. The CrossFit Games events last all day long, with heats kicking off one after the other, up to 24 a day. Corby’s job was to make sure that all heats were properly broadcast. In the early heats, Corby directed and TD’d the full shows, which involved “calling” (“Ready camera one, slow zoom out to the rig…”) the show and “punching” it (pressing the correct combination of buttons on the video switcher) at the same time. In the main events, the TD responds to the directors wishes. Whatever he wants on screen, the TD delivers. He also keeps an eye out for good shots developing (or falling apart,) graphics that are ready (or NOT ready, ) and keeps an eye on every other aspect of the broadcast.

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