Midia Ninjas are redefining journalism in Brazil

They’re covering the biggest protest movement Brazil has seen in two decades. Felipe Marques, one of the volunteer Midia Ninja’s leaders, stands by a chart of Brazil’s new soccer stadiums and explains the schedule for World Cup games from Rio to Manaus.
“We’ll get word out to everyone via Twitter about alternative events, protests happening in front of the stadiums themselves,” he says. “Ever since the eruption of protests in 2013, we’re trying to build a new reality that addresses the underlying problems.”
The list of problems includes poor healthcare and education. So why then, protestors ask, did we spend about $15 billion on soccer stadiums? The protests all began last summer … over a 10-cent hike in bus fares in Sao Paulo. Hundreds of thousands of mainly poor people piled into the streets. Police responded with beatings, pepper spray and bullets.
Midia Ninjas captured a lot of the protest, live streaming images of police chasing down a female protestor and beating and kicking her. Such footage infuriated Brazil’s middle class, who joined the protestors in cities across the country.

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