Lighting for Video in Digital Publishing Class

A big part of teaching in the visual arts is working with students to develop the ability to recognize the subtlety of light and shadow, noise patterns in audio, or even the beauty hidden in the abstraction of the programming behind an app or website. Tonight our Digital Publications class took a step back from planning a huge interview based documentary project to consider the basics of lighting, exposure, and sound.

Isaacson School students experimenting with audio and lighting for film in our Spring Valley Studio. @coloradomtncollege

These are the moments I treasure as an educator. Students are often so deep in learning the technology and equipment they forget to step back and really consider how light helps give a three dimensional object form in an image. Tonight we set up cameras and troubleshot lights, we talked about lighting ratio’s, shutter angles, and t-stops.Then we took time to really look at the lighting in the studio and in the camera. Our school talks a lot about innovation coming from the intersection of the arts and technology, tonight I think the students really walked the intersection to create something technically correct and aesthetically pleasing.