Isaacson’s Book Explores the Digital Revolution

Innovators cover art

From Google books: Following his blockbuster biography of Steve Jobs, The Innovators is Walter Isaacson’s biographical story of the pioneers of the computer and the Internet. It is destined to be the standard history of the digital revolution and a guide to how innovation really works. The computer and the Internet are among the most important inventions of our era, but few people know who created them. They were not conjured up in a garret or garage by solo inventors. Instead, most innovations of the digital age were made collaboratively. There were a lot of fascinating people involved, some ingenious and a few even geniuses.

This is the story of these pioneers, hackers, and entrepreneurs-how their minds worked and what made them so creative. The Innovators is filled with fascinating personalities-from early pioneers such as Vannevar Bush, Alan Turing, John von Neumann, Doug Engelbart, Robert Noyce, and Gordon Moore, to Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak and Larry Page. The central digital innovations, Isaacson shows, have come from those who, like Ada, have connected the humanities to technology and the arts to the sciences.

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