Isaacson School Grad helps produce at the RIO 2016 Olympics

photo - Isaacson School Graduate Aaron Brassard at the Rio 2016 Olympics

Aaron Brassard is a graduate of the Isaacson School for New Media who came to school looking for opportunity. While here he explored video production, graphics, and all types of new media. He was invited to work at the Winter X-Games in Aspen as a student and from there has built a career in digital sports production. Most recently Aaron worked at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and he has some great advice for people entering the field of new media:

“Working the Olympics is a dream come true, honestly I never thought of it being a possibility. It has been a surreal experience to say the least, as Rio is not the most luxurious place, it is still simply amazing as long as you keep your eyes peeled. Working in the same room as directors, producers, switchers, playback operators, camera operators, production assistants, all I see is more opportunities ahead.

“The reason I am here is all through networking; the number one thing that I took most seriously while attending CMC. Someone I work with here told me it is not what you know about your job, what you know is only 49% of your job..the other 51% is being a good, likeable person..nobody wants to work along side a jerk even if he is the smartest person in the world. Be someone who people want to work along side of and even if you don’t know all of the knowledgeable 49% of your job, it will come along the way over time through asking questions and experience.

“Networking got me to the Olympics and it will continue to bring me to more great places. Being able to pick the brains of people in higher positions and vast backgrounds is an awesome feeling and experience. I’ve been working along side Brazilians, Swedes, Americans, Germans, Australians, and some Dutch.

“My venue is the Sambodromo, which holds Archery and the finish line for the Marathon, also is home to the largest cultural carnival in the world. I work along side a fellow from Holland named Sebastiaan who is a very intelligent guy.I am the LED engineer and he is our Video tech, which he is in control of all signal flow for our Production room, which is where we produce the live show for the audience. Which signal flow, one of the other things I took from Professor Corby Anderson seriously, it can be confusing because it can be so much to grasp, but it really is quite simple..inputs and outputs.

“Overall, couldn’t have asked for a better gig, best experience of my life thus far by a long shot, will remember this moment forever. And it all came from attending CMC and the Isaacson School, thank you.

“All I can say for other students is to find your path and hit it hard and don’t be afraid if it takes you into an entirely different direction, just have fun and hey you might even learn a new language. My Portuguese absolutely sucks but at least I can order a beer and a pizza!”